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Ringshaug ungdomsskole - Socrates Comenius

Ringshaug ungdomsskole går fra høsten 2009 inn i et to-årig samarbeid med en skole i England, en skole i Østerrike og en skole i Spania. Prosjektets tittel er "Climate changing life - Life changing climate".

Ringshaug ungdomsskole går fra høsten 2009 inn i et to-årig samarbeid med en skole i England, The Hereford Academy, en skole i Østerrike: Europagymnasium u. Bundesgymnasium Salzburg- Nonntal og en skole i Spania : Instituto de educación secundaria “Enrique Nieto” (Melilla).
Prosjektets tittel er "Climate changing life -Life changing climate ".

The project is divided into four sections, with a school visit planned at the end of each section. All partners will take part in all of the sections, but active involvement is ensured by each partner leading one of the sections:

1.) September 09- January 10 The big picture (ideas stage)- led by Josef Brunsteiner from Austria. (Art and ICT- photo calendar, video conferences, blog and email).

Each community (students, staff, parents and other local schools) will be asked to enter photographs on the theme “Climate Changing Life: Life Changing Climate”. We expect and hope for a wide variety of interpretations. The entries will be displayed around the schools to prompt discussion and ideas. The photo competition will be judged and a calendar produced at the schools visit to Salzburg Dec 2009. This first section will allow us to set up and test out our methods of communication and set up links between students by blog, email and video conference.

2.) January 10 – May 10 Climate Changing Life (How can students lives be affected by climate change?)- led by Rocio Yus López from Spain. (All partners conducting school based geography and Science projects on local impact.)

Students will be assessing the impact of climate change on their local environment through field work and surveys. This will include a study of tourism and weather patterns. Findings will be shared and an interim evaluation of the project will take place at the schools visit to Spain May 2010.

3.) May 10 – January 11 Life Changing Climate (How can we and do we have an impact on climate change in our own lives? - Leading to international comparison at the schools visit) – led by Katherine Thompson from England. (School based Science, Technology and Information and communication technology projects on individual, school and country impact)

Students will use science and technology to asses how they and the groups to which they belong (up to and including their country) contribute to climate change. This will include energy studies of new school buildings, assessment of individual carbon footprints and comparisons of energy sources used nationwide. Findings will be shared and an international sports competition held at the schools visit to England Dec 2010.

4.) January 11 – July 11 Local Solutions (What can we each do to help?) – led by Per Ingvar Visnes from Norway. (Schools prepare contributions to educational video and report, final evaluation part 1)

A multi-lingual educational video and report about how students can reduce their impact on the climate will be drawn together at the schools visit to Norway May 2011 and used at UK Science festival and Earthwatch conference July 2011. The first part of the final evaluation will take place in Norway.

The competencies required from all partner institutions will include:
Leadership – particularly of each partner’s section.
Teamwork throughout the project
Subject specialism- and the ability to share their expertise with other participants to ensure all students benefit from them (e.g. Josef’s knowledge of glacial movement)

More support : per.ingvar.visnes@tonsberg.kommune.no

Telefon : 33 34 81 01 eller 97 07 04 80

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