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The municipality of Tønsberg
TØNSBERG - LIVELY CITY, HISTORIC PAST The oldest town in Norway can offer you the ultimate holiday experience. In the Tønsberg region you will find the sunniest, most pleasant climate in Norway, the very best beaches, unique skerries and beatifull landscape, as well as a touch of a rich past - vikings and whalehunters, kings and slaves.

As a new resident of Tønsberg Municipality you are sure to be seeking answers to many questions.

You can find some information in English om this web site, but we also recommend that you make contact with our Service Centre in our town hall, on Tel. + 47 33 34 81 00 or you can use our school for refugees and immigrants on Tel + 47 33 01 67 80.

Visit the town hall ? Halfdan Wilhelmsensgt 1 C, enterance from Seebergsgate. . Daily 08.00 am - 04.00 pm.

Email :

Post :   box 2410, N-3104 Tønsberg

Information about day care, schools, health, enviroment, roads and traffics, moving and change of address, employment, building and renovating, social services and culture, sports and recreation, please make contact with:

Tønsberg Voksenopplæring ( school for foreign residents - Tønsberg Norwegian language training centre )
NAV Tønsberg  ( local centre for health, employment and social services )


More relevant information about Tønsberg Municipality : 


There are several types of day care for pre-school children in Tønsberg, ranging from full-time services five days a week to more timebased day care. The municipality coordinates the selectoin process for placement in all private and municipal daycares.


As a resident of Tønsberg your child has the right to attend the school in which you reside. Parents also have the right to apply for admission to any other school within the municipality.


Health care services in Tønsberg compromise principally Vestfold Hospital. All residents of the municipality have the right to a personal doctor.


Drinking water is of highest quality in Tønsberg. You can safely drink tap water.


Formalities related to moving to Norway are handled by Here you can obtain information about the following:

  • moving and names
  • tax deduction cards
  • tax returns
  • inheritance and gifts


Regular garbage and food waste is collected from private homes and business once a week. Recycled garbage (paper, bottles, plastics) is collected every to and three weeks. More information


Tønsberg offers a wide variety of cultural, sports and recreation possibilities. Located in the center of the town you can find the library

Tourist information


Social services provided by Tønsberg Municipality include counselling, economic assistance, addiction care, refugee settlement, residential loans and job training. Look at


Further information

For information in English about other Norwegian government services, go to

For more general information in English for new foreign residents in Norway, go to

We wish you a warm welcome to Tønsberg !

Tønsberg kommune | Besøksadresse: Halfdan Wilhelmsens allé 1c | Postadresse: Postboks 2410, 3104 Tønsberg | Telefon 33 34 80 00 | Webredaktør Jan Petter Bergan